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Unravel in this months Valloween Read

Spooky Cute

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We're taking February head on with as much Valloween spooky as we can! Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree is our winner for our monthly book club and every review I've come across say we're in for a fantasy "cute" ride.

The cover alone scream spooky cute and this is one that I've been suggested many MANY times to read.

The read follows Viv, a former orc adventurer, who decided to make a major career change from a warrior to the coffee industry.

Wanting nothing more than to settle down and enjoy a cozy peaceful life.

I'm a sucker for any fantasy book that involves a coffee shop in any sort of way. The fact that Viv will be working there through the story, I can just about smell that fresh pulled espresso.

I'll be reading a paperback version instead of my usual audiobook. Something about it just makes me want to curl up in a pile of blankets and enjoy the new world.

Which way do you prefer to read along?

Join the Convo

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February also brings back showings of one of my favorite campy horror movies, My Bloody Valentine.

It's no surprise then that my tea pick of the month is My Bloody Clementine from Brutaliteas.

The herbal tea is packed with rosehip, hibiscus, orange and apple pieces. Once the hot water hits these ingredients it becomes a dark crimson red. So killer!

Even though it seems like a Valloween only tea blend it's not. This little baddie stays in the cycle year round and if you love herbal tea as much as I do, you'll be glad of it.

Valloween Yarn

Pairing perfectly with our tea, we have Arcane Fibre Works latest colorway, Crimson Moon.

My idea book is over flowing with new crochet projects to start with this one. The red gives the appearance of it oozing through out the hank.

Would you consider this spooky cute or just spooky?

Started working this into a book cover and it's a project I've never crocheted before. Odd because I love the idea of piles of box stacked on my end table all wrapped in different colorways of yarn.

Will totally keep you posted on when the pattern is totally finished so we can make that concept a reality.

More Crafts

Decided to learn a bit more on my cricut this month so definitely stop by the Yarn Dungeon in my latest video to see the items I've been working up.

Have a killer week!


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