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The Pumpkin Spice Latte Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Updated: Mar 7

It's pumpkin spice season!

I'm gonna be honest, I don't think it ever goes out of season. But especially during April which is officially Halfway to Halloween!

To celebrate, I'm hosting my very first ever Tunisian Crochet Along! We'll be making a super cozy blanket that's perfect for all your October adventures.

This is a 1 stitch repeat blanket which makes it FANTASTIC for beginners wanting to learn the killer world of Tunisian crochet. If you're a seasoned ghoul, this blanket is also for you! It makes for a great project to work up at the end of the day to wind down.

I find myself going back to this stitch over and over because of the incredible texture it creates. Just because it's a beginner stitch, doesn't mean it's "basic". Especially when pairing the stitch with the Bernat Forever Fleece yarn! I can't explain how soft this yarn is you just have to test it out for yourself.

The blanket measurements are:

Length-72 inches

Width- 58 inches

Using roughly 1,746 yards of yarn. So yeah, it's a big cozy one!

*This post contains affiliate links that helps me bring you more content and at no expense to you ghoul. Thank you for your support!*

Check out the step by step tutorial here!

I seriously hope you decide to join me in this Halfway to Halloween celebration!

Don't forget to friends me on the socials and share your progress by using #altknots

Spooky crocheting ghouls!


Alt Knots

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1 Comment

Yolanda Aneses
Yolanda Aneses
Apr 24

Where can i find the PDF for the Tunisian Blanket.

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