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Supernatural Reads for March

Haunted Book Club Winner

*This post contains affiliate links that helps me bring you more content and at no expense to you ghoul. Thank you for your support!*

The ghoul squad voted and we've decided to read The Bad Ones by Melissa Albert for March.

A supernatural horror read that is oozing with dark magic, sinister disappearances and danger with every turn of the page.

I have quite a few audiobooks on my TBR as well so make sure to join me on Goodreads.

The theme this month seems to be supernatural/ghost stories, or rather the books I was drawn to and started immediately.

Join the Convo

Turn notifications on for the LIVE recap for April 6th at 9am cst, on my YouTube channel. Where we'll discuss everything from the book while enjoying some tea.

Candle of the Month

Something new to our haunted book club is a candle to set some killer ambiance to devour each read.

It's something I look forward to every evening and really hoping you love it as well!

The scent Dark Splendor smells exactly like roasted coffee beans. I'm a coffee ghoul, trust when I say it delivers exactly what it promises.

Blessed Hex has 2 and 8 oz variations available but I fully committed to the 8oz. Knew after reading the fragrance explanation that this was my candle.


Seriously hope you love this month's pick from Brutaliteas, Screamin' Chili Pepper & Lime.

Switching it up with a green tea to really bring on that Spring-O-Ween. Even though it's months away outside we can celebrate early ok?

This has become a dessert tea for me to sip on during the evening and wind down for the day.


Arcane Fibre Works coming in with another killer colorway in You'll Float Too. Bringing you those Pennywise vibes.

Decided to make many quick and easy projects this month with the yarn and give my wardrobe a revamp in the process.

Tons of graphic tees will have crochet granny squares or edging added to them.

Also played around with some skull keychains as accessories to add to bags, jackets and jeans.

Enjoy the read and have a killer month!


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