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Our 1st Crochet Along of the year!

Updated: Jan 26

We're channeling our inner Sally Skeleton this year with a rag doll design.

Happy New Year ghoul! I hope yours was filled with spooky frights and lots of crochet time. That was absolutely the case for me. Snuggled up in a huge pile of blankets, marshmallow latte in hand and worked my way through some of my unfinished WIPS from the year. And I actually finished quite a few! Surprising even myself with how much I got done.

But now we're officially in 2024 and it's time for you and I to have a crochet along! This is one of my favorites we do through the year because you can really make it your own. That's the whole point of it actually. To carve out some YOU time for 13 nights.

*This post contains affiliate links that helps me bring you more content and at no expense to you ghoul. Thank you for your support!*

Crochet Along Details

The official start date is Friday, January 19th 2024 and will run until Wednesday, January 31st 2024. You can decide to work it up 1st thing when you wake or maybe you'll want to wait until the evening to go along with the movie list.

Movie Chart

Instead of tracking our mood, this year we're CREATING the mood.

Print out the chart and fill it with movies that bring the vibes you want for each day.

Mood Snood Movies (US Letter)
Download PDF • 906KB

My list is filled with claymation and horror movies with that rainy day kind of ambiance.

Rag Doll Mood Snood Crochet Pattern



  • CH- Chain

  • CHS- Chains

  • SC- Single Crochet

  • STS- Stitches

  • DC- Double Crochet

Spike Stitch- Work a double crochet into the middle stitch from the previous row


Here's a full break down of what you'll be working up nightly.

As well as the FREE printable to hang in your Yarn Dungeon 🦇

Mood Snood Calendar
Download PDF • 292KB

As well as a blank calendar if you want to customize yours with stickers.

Mood Snood Calendar
Download PDF • 92KB

  1. Using color A, CH 117, in 5th CH from hook 3 DC, CH 1, skip 3 CHS, 3 DC in next CH, CH 1 Repeat * sequence across until last 4 CHS, skip 3 CHS, 2 DC in last CH.

  2. CH 2 and turn project, in CH 1 space from previous row *1 DC, 1 DC into the middle CH from the foundation CH, 1 DC* Repeat * sequence across, 2 DC in top of beginning CH space.

  3. CH 2 and turn project, (*1 DC, 1 spike ST, 1 DC) into CH 1 space of previous row* Repeat * sequence across, 2 DC in top of CH 2 from previous row.

For row 4-38 repeat row 3.

Seaming Together

Fold in half, switch to color B and attach to one corner. Using the zig-zag stitch seam together.

Here's a tutorial of just the stitch if you want a close up.

Adding Stitches

Use color B and a yarn needle to create as many stitches as you'd like to decorate the outside of the snood.

I didn't weave any of the ends in. We're going for a look that screams it's been sewn together over and over. The more distressed the better!


Follow along with a step by step video to create this snood.

As you're setting up your charts this week use #altknotsghoulsquad on the socials. I'd love to see what you're planning to watch!

Alright, that's it for this week. I hope you're excited and ready to get going on our 1st crochet along of the year!


Alt Knots

This design, written work and images are a copyright of

©alt knots and may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

You have permission to sell finished products made from this pattern, but please leave a link to my channel in your product listing specifying that I am the designer of this pattern.

Thank you!


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Amy Flowers
Amy Flowers
Feb 02

I was curious what multiple you used, please?

Amy Flowers
Amy Flowers
Feb 02
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Thank you!

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