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Mystery Poe Pattern Revealed

More options for the 13 Nights of Poe Crochet and Knit Along!

The design for our mystery project has begun to unfold. And as an added bit of fun, Sara of Muse2320 and I have come up with 3 more designs for you to choose from!

Scroll below to pick your favorite or print them all out for even more Poe themed projects.

If cross stitch is new to you or you just need a reminder to get started, check out my YouTube video for a quick tutorial!

Here are all 3 FREE graphs to choose from and create with!

Don't forget to use #13nightsofpoe to show off your process 🦇

13 Nights of Poe Graphs
Download PDF • 1.17MB

Enjoy ghouls!


Alt Knots 🎃

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