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June Stitch: 2023 Stitch-N-Scream Crochet Along

The Wide Half Double Crochet

Half way through!?! I hope you're still loving this YEAR LONG crochet along. I can't wait to snuggle up in this monster blanket and have a movie marathon!

*This post contains affiliate links that helps me bring you more content and at no expense to you ghoul. Thank you for your support!*

June Chit Chat!

Movie of the month:

We'll be watching one of my favorite summer time slasher movies, You Might Be The Killer! Thursday, June 22nd at 6pm cst bring your crochet and get ready for this campy meta movie.

Stitch of the month:

This is a mystery crochet along so make sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications to my YouTube channel. Each new stitch will be released on the 1st Friday of that month.

As a reminder, each square will measure 23 x 23 inches. The total yarn needed for the project is 3,600 yards.

If you haven't yet, here's your sticker chart to print out.

Stitch-n-scream badge chart
Download PDF • 201KB

Your June sticker is here!

Download PDF • 832KB

Share all your progress on instagram and tik tok by using #altknots #stitchnscream


Alt Knots

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