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Embrace the Spooky with Ominous Reads and a Warm Cup of Tea

New Read

*This post contains affiliate links that helps me bring you more content and at no expense to you ghoul. Thank you for your support!*

The first pick for our Haunted Book Club in 2024 has a cover that oozes spooky winter.

The ominous grey forest with giant snowflakes falling giving the sinking feeling of isolation and then BAM! Neon green writing all over. I'm here for it and want to know more!

It's a thriller mystery involving 5 humans selected for a month long writing retreat at a feminist horror writers estate. Allegedly haunted.

They need to write and complete an entire novel with the best one winning a publishing deal when suddenly, one of the writers vanishes in a snowstorm.

I feel like we're in for a killer time!

Grab your copy in whatever form works best for you, paperback or audiobook, and start this spooky journey with me.

Save Your Spot

Turn notifications on for the LIVE recap on my YouTube channel.

Tea Time

2023 was my year of tea exploration. I use to think plain black tea was my favorite so that was all I had around. Turns out herbal tea is my jam! After finding Brutaliteas all the way back in January 2023 I've been obsessed. Honestly with their entire collection, black tea, green tea and herbal.

They have killer collabs through out the year as well with seriously unique flavor combos.

Decomprose is mild with a slight bit of sweet from apple and strawberry pieces.

It's one that I can sip on all day long which makes it perfect for long reading sessions! They have them available as 2oz bags or 4oz tins. This one has a permanent spot in my tea apothecary so I opted for the tin.

On Theme Yarn

Another new thing for our club is I'll be working up different colorways from Arcane Fibre Works.

They release so many new GORGEOUS colors, some spooky others inspired by nature and all have an incredible softness to them. Cozy central.

By pairing one colorway to each book, naturally I'll have built in time to create with it. Audiobooks are my friends.

The colorway Haunting is just that. Spooky shades of blue with pops of yellow to represent tiny lights in an otherwise dark castle. You have to check out the picture that inspired this one.

More Chat

Check out January's video and see the Haunting yarn up close

Have a killer week!


Alt Knots

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