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You will need 2 measurements on hand:

- The length of your arm

- The width of your bicep

These measurements will determine how long your foundation chain is and how many rows you need in order to create both sleeves.

1) Using the measurement you took for the length of your arm, attach the yarn onto your hook and begin to chain until your foundation chain equals that length. In the 2nd ch from your hook, place 1 sc, 1sc in each ch all the way across your foundation ch.

2) Ch 1 and turn, 1sc in each st all the way across.

3) Ch 1 and turn, 1 sc in the next 2 sts, ch 3, sk 3 sts, in the 4th st place 1 sc, continue to place 1 sc all the way across to complete row #3.

4 - ? ) Repeat row #2 until you reach the measurement for the width of your bicep. Remember to keep track of how many rows you create because you will need it for the other sleeve.

5) Fold your project in half, ch 1 and sl st across your project. This will close up the sleeve. Cut your working yarn.

Repeat rows 1-5 once more to create the other sleeve.

Attaching the Sleeves

Grab the main body of your cardi that you made in part 1 and with the back panel laying flat on a table, fold the front 2 panels over top of it. Using a yarn needle and yarn stitch the front panels onto the back panel.

Next, grab a sleeve and using the yarn needle, attach the sleeve onto the arm hole already created in the main portion of the cardi. Repeat once more with the other sleeve.

Turn your project inside out and try on your cardi! Make sure it fits just the way you want it to before starting to weave in your ends.

Below is the video version of this 2nd part and don't forget to stop by on my channel this Thursday at 8pm central!


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