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Bernie Inspired Inauguration Mittens Crochet Pattern!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Below I have the beginning of my interoperation of the now infamous Bernie Inauguration Mittens! There are 2 pdf files to click on, one for each hand. The original mittens were created by Jen Ellis and were made from recycled sweaters and fleece lining of recycled plastic bottles.

My version is a gothic twist that is created totally from crocheting! The design and color work is done only on the top of the mittens and has a solid black bottom. The bulk is created as a flat rectangle and working from the right side to the left. I decided to drop my colors and pick up only the color I needed to work with instead of carrying each color along the whole time. These are a form fitting mitten that run about 8 inches in width. If you want it to be a bit slouchier, you can always add a few extra stitches of the solid black on the back of the mitten.

The yarn that I choose to used is Big Twist Renewal which is 100% Recycled Acrylic Yarn. I'd like to think Bernie would be please with us crafting up recycled materials🖤

For a step-by-step tutorial, click on my video below and let's make these meme worthy mittens together!

Materials Used to Make 1 Pair of Adult Sized Mittens:

- 4.5mm Crochet Hook

- Big Twist Renewal Yarn, 1 Skein Red, 1 Skein Black, 1 Skein Grey, 1 Skein White

Bernie Inspired Mittens Right Hand - Sti
Download • 5KB

Bernie Inspired Mittens (Left) - Stitch
Download • 5KB

This pattern is simply for fun and to create some snuggly warm mittens to add to all of our collections!


Alt Knots🖤


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