15 Nights of Halloween Horror Movies

Updated: Apr 7

Celebrating half way to Halloween with horror, crochet and coffee!

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Let's get spooky!

In my opinion, there's nothing better than snuggling in for the night with a stack of horror movies and a pile of crochet projects to choose from. April is all about celebrating the half way point to Halloween so I thought why not. Let's have 15 nights of Halloween horror movies in a row to really get us into the spooky spirit!

Starting Saturday, April 16th that's exactly what's happening on my YouTube channel. Each night at 7pm CST the whole Ghoul Squad is invited to watch a different horror/Halloween themed movie and crochet with me.

How it works

I have picked some of my favorite movies from a few different streaming platforms. Click on the movie that's playing for the evening and either rent or buy your own copy. If you already own it, feel free to use whatever media you prefer. I'll be using a combo of Shudder and Amazon Prime Video.

Then join me LIVE on my channel, come a few minutes early to get into the chat, make some snacks and grab your caffeine. I'll have my favorite headphones on to listen to the movie and still chat with everyone.

Once the movie is going, there will be a clock on the screen that will show where we are in the movie. Just in case you join in later but still want to watch with us.

The Line Up

I've listed all the movies below and linked them so you can watch the trailers if they're new to you! See any of your favorites?

15 Nights of Halloween Horror Moives

Also here's a calendar pdf for you to print off and hang in your Yarn Dungeon so you don't miss a day!

*A few more of my favorites that couldn't fit on the list are shown in the post picture.

half way to Halloween movie line up
Download PDF • 594KB

Again, in case I haven't said it enough, this all starts April 16th at 7pm cst on my YouTube channel. Make sure you have the notifications turned on as an extra reminder.

I hope you join this spooky Half way to Halloween celebration with me!

Until then, have a killer day!


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