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100 Nights of Fiber Frights!

100 Night Countdown to Halloween 2023

This year I'm making a super spooky blanket to countdown these final days before the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Each night, I'll work up a solid granny square as I cozy up to watch a horror movie. And yes, I do have a different movie every night! I've actually categorized them into some of my favorite horror genres too.

It's gonna be way too much fun to create on my own so Iet's make it a crochet along! The countdown starts Sunday, July 23rd.

Check out my set up for the project.

And a tutorial for the granny square I'll be working up.

Now for the complete list of movies I'll be watching. Each movie is color coordinated for the genre. For every movie that's new to you, make sure to watch the trailer before to get the feel if it's something you're going to enjoy. There's a lot of them and the range is pretty vast:)

I'd go through 5 at a time since that's when the colors change up making it easiest to keep track of.

Lastly, I've created a chart to keep track of the yarn I'm using and which color goes with which movies. If you want to use this as a scrap project and don't have a specific color you should still totally print it out just for some coloring fun!

100 Nights of Fiber Frights Chart
Download PDF • 194KB

If you do decided to join me in this spooky adventure, totally tag me on the socials and share your progress by using #altknots

Cheers for fears ghouls!



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